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  1. The Walther P99 was developed by Glock engineers who Walther gave carte blanche on their wish list(s) on what would be the next generation polymer gun
  2. Hunting · 9 years ago. Glock 17 vs Walther p99 vs Sig p226? All 9mm, But each differs in price and concelabilty and reliability. Israel - Glock 17s and Glock 19s are standard service pistols in certain Israeli military and paramilitary units (Yamam, Shayetet 13, Shabak, and private security firms) and..
  3. I would pick the glock 17 when the SHTF any day. There are several different triggers that you can get with the Walthers, the standard P99 is a three position single/double (double fully extended, double after reset..
  4. Walther P99 vs. Glock 17/19. Discussion in 'Handguns' started by Rémy, Oct 4, 2008. I own a P99, and multiple Glocks, including the G17 and G19. I personally would go with the Glock for a couple of different reasons. My P99 is the version with double action/single action with decocker

My current P99 replaced a glock 23. glock 17.if 007 ever shoots one of these he will give his walther back to Q WALTHER P99 vs GLOCK. lupus Darth Vader. Mesajlar: 15,451 Konular: 522 Aldığı teşekkür: 1 Artık Glock'larda gelmeye başladığı için pek çok arkadaşın kafasına takılabilcek bir soruyu beraber irdeleyelim; P99 mu, Glock mu? sevgili lupus keşke 17 ile de bir karşılaştıma yapsaydın, yinede The Glock 17 started the revolution as Gaston Glock incorporated his years of polymer experience into the handgun industry. Walther is a German manufacturer, and the PPQ is a revised version of the popular P99. It has quickly gained a reputation for being a fast and ergonomically focused firearm

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  1. ktory pistolet lepszy? walther P99™ czy glock 17™ ? w odmianie na ten naboj 9x21 IMI czy jakos tak co go moga normalni cywile uzywac bo popularna 9-tka miak10 pisze: ktory pistolet lepszy? walther P99™ czy glock 17™ ? . Zależy do czego, dla kogo i..... co kto lubi
  2. Walther P99 vs. Glock 19. Discussion in 'Gadgets & Gear' started by kindred_spirits, Jan 19, 2009. But I have never shot this walther. FYI, you can simply sand down the grip of the G17 & then stick G19 mags The Glock will work for you. I would recommend either the XD or the Glock over the P99, but..
  3. PPQ vs Glock 17. Jump to Latest Follow. A Mime is a terrible thing to waste P.38 (ac 44), PPK/S, PPQ FE, P99c AS, PP (too many to count), PPQ Navy (classic), PPK, PPQ (classic)SBR, P99, PPQ 45 ACP, P.38 (ac 43) In a man-to-man fight, the winner is he who has one more round in
  4. Currently own 4 Glocks,owned 1 Walther P99 (sold it),I've owned 1 HK USP9c (sold it,too!),and plan on buying a new HKP2000 I love the Glock reliability,ease of repair,factory mags, and durable Tennifer finish. Did I mention that I like Glocks ?? I really liked my USP9c.. It was durable and I never..

Which Is Better Between the Beretta 92 vs Glock 17? Design elements of the Walther P38 were used in creating the 92, such as the open-top slide, locking block barrel The 17 was revolutionary when unveiled in 1984. 17+1 rounds of 9mm, weighing in at just under 26 ounces unloaded and.. Walther P99AS vs. Glock 19. Thread starter BoltActionHero. Start date Aug 30, 2010. So far I've narrowed my selection down to a Glock 19 and a Walther P99AS. Some may ask why a Walther... well I've always been a fan of them and this sidearm was one a friend had 31.07.2017 · Walther P99 vs PPQ. Very similar yet many differences. We go through the details and do a side by side shooting comparison. So what's your experience with those weapons? Glock 19 compared to 17 (no big deal between these 2 - I know) and Walther's P99 (QA 9mm Version) Glock 17 vs 19, who is the ultimate winner? Read our full review and comparison before you decide Before starting this Glock 17 vs. Glock 19 review, let's go through a little history? In 1982, the first In 1980, the Austrian army announced that it is looking for a new handgun to replace their Walther P38.. The Walther P99 AS has braved and conquered the harshest operating conditions in North America, Asia, and Europe. This world-class handgun is The P99 AS (Anti-Stress) has a double-action/single-action stageable trigger with an extremely short reset. Additionally, features like the integrated..

I will be purchasing either the Glock 23 or the Walther P99. The problem is I am unable to shoot the Walther. I understand that I will get many thoughts on this subject, but the pros and cons would be great The Walther P99 (German: [ˈvaltɐ]) is a semi-automatic pistol developed by the German company Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen of Ulm for law enforcement.. Walther P99 vs. Glock 17/19. Discussion in 'Handguns' started by Rémy, Oct 4, 2008. I own a P99, and multiple Glocks, including the G17 and G19. I personally would go with the Glock for a couple of different reasons. My P99 is the version with double action/single action with decocker I will be purchasing either the Glock 23 or the Walther P99. The problem is I am unable to shoot the Walther. I understand that I will get many thoughts on this subject, but the pros and cons would be great Walther P99 9mm vs. Glock 19. Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by Steve, Jul 22, 2009. Page 1 of 2. i bought a Walther p99 9mm made by smith & wesson several years back. i love the gun but now after buying a few glocks think the glock is superior. so why is the retail on the walther..

Walther makes two other versions of the P99c: a DAO version which always has the long heavy pull, and a QA (Quick Action) version which only has The Walther also has an ambidextrous magazine release, but depending on who you ask, that might be a bad thing. That's because the P99c uses a.. The Glock 17 is a full-sized handgun and is typically used for duty use with police and military units. The gun's simple but rugged design has made it a The Glock 17 is far from a small gun, but it is surprisingly light for its size. Glock has mastered cutting weight well, and this gun weighs nearly half a.. I had my Gen4 Glock 19 (unmodified except for Trijicon sights), Walther PPQ M1 (unmodified), and my new S&W M&P 2.0 Compact which I was trying out for the first time. First I ran 100 rounds of FMJ through the M&P just to break it in and..

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  1. This is a discussion on Glock 26 or Walther PPS and WHY within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Looking for a I recently bought a Walther P99AS 9mm and it was reliable and extremely accurate so always highly recommend Walther Firearms
  2. Tactical Shoulder Holster for Glock 17 19 20 21 22 and 23. The Walther PPQ accepts old school magazines and sports enhanced next gen ergonomics. If you're in the market for a striker-fired pistol and you don't like Glock, take a look at the Walther PPQ and Heckler & Koch series as German..
  3. The Leading Glock Forum and Community - GlockTalk.com. Home Forums > Firearms Forums > General Firearms Forum >. Walther pps m2 vs I put the factory connector back in and won't be taking it out again. With a bigger gun like the G19/17 etc I don't have this issue...as the my control of..
  4. The Glock 17 and the Glock 19 have been in competition for some time. We reviewed specs, cost, accuracy, reliability, recoil and more of each Glock. Glock Specs Comparison Chart: G17 vs. G19. 127 mm / 4.99 in
  5. Manufacturer: Walther Arms. Smith & Wesson M&P9SHLD 11901 9mm 3.1 MTS 2.0 Crimson Trace Green 7/8R. Capacity: 17+1. Safety: Manual. Grips: Black. Buy With Confidence. 3,401,027 Customers Since 2003 2,326 Currently Online 99.8% eBay Feedback 99% GunBroker Feedback
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The GLOCK 19 in 9mm Luger is ideal for a versatile role thanks to its reduced dimensions. Buy online or at your authorized GLOCK dealer today I qualified with the 17, but the M&P feels lot better in my hand. I had a G17 and it never failed to go bang when I pulled the trigger. Glock makes a fine product, as do Springfield, Barreta Walther,CZ ect as you.. Online Customization. Glock 17 19 M1911 SIG P226 Walter PPK Belt Loop Holster. Product Pictures There are several contemporary .380ACP designs, but what's the most mature .380ACP design? The one I settled on was the Walther PPK. I remember the same sentiments rolling through the industry when the Glock Model 17 (G17) 9mm was released. It's too blocky. There's no safety (from the..


Glock Holsters, 1911 Holsters, Jericho Holsters. FAB Defense Scorpus® Covert Glock 17 IWB Holster $45.43 VP9 vs Glock 17 vs the PPQ Be Careful Taking Women on Dates to the Shooting Range The Top 3 Best First Handguns

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  1. 35, including magazine parts. Glock vs. the 1911 Summary That original Glock 17 frame, built to handle the 9mm round, provides a much better fit for the average shooter. Long before the appearance of the 45 GAP, the 40 S&W split the difference between the power of the 45 ACP and the size and..
  2. Pistolet GBB Walther P99 DAO. Gazowa replika pistoletu wykonana z metalu i tworzywa. Pistolet Walther P99 wyposażony został w obustronny zwalniacz magazynka oraz dźwignię zrzutu zamka. Z tego powodu daję 4/5 w porównaniu od Glocka R-17 od Army ten Walther jest o wiele lepszy
  3. The Glock 17 (Gen 4) If the word revolutionary has any placement in the world of firearms today (and is usually associated with John Browning-but not this Competition (action shooting): Glock 17. Action shooting can be all about that first trigger pull. The consistent single action of the Glock beats out the..
  4. The Glock 17 has gone on to see extensive service in both military and police roles with a plethora of nations around the globe. In its most basic form, the Model 17 was a simple weapon to operate and breakdown, consisting of just over 30 parts to contend with. The pistol was billed as a recoil-operated..
  5. The Great Scorpus Covert G9 Thinnest Inside Waistband Holster for Glock 9mm Models. Glock 17, 19, 19X, 22, 23, 26, 27, 31, 32 & 33 Walther: P99

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Lantac glock 17/19 fluted threaded barrel-stainless steel $149.99. The PF940v2 is the second generation Polymer80 pistol frame for Glock firearms. Following the success of the PF940v1 and the PF940Cv1, the PF940v2 was redesigned to match the aesthetics of the PF940Cv1 Found a used p99 w/night sights and 3 extra magazines for 599. would be looking at a new 23c w/fixed sights for 499. fired a glock 22 .40 and it was fine. have yet to fire the walther, but feeling it/handling it feels better Pistole Glock 17 s polymerovým rámem je nejrozšířenější služební zbraň na světě. Vyberte si svého dělníka z generace 3, 4, nebo 5. Ráže 9 mm Luger, dva zásobníky na 17 nábojů, Safe Action system

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Walther P99 Walther P99 compared to Walther PP. (Photo: Francis Borek). The P99AS ships with the actual test target, showing off the names of handguns no longer in production; oh how Walther teases us. What really matters though is an extremely impressive 1 inch group with a single flyer..

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When it comes to glock 17 vs 19, who is the ultimate winner? It's really a matter of taste and preference, since a firearm is a very personal thing. Glock 17 vs 19. Written By Nate M.Published On December 28, 2015September 3, 2019CategoryPistol Walther P22 with Gemtech silencer. Addict School. 0:49. Belt Holster & Magazine pouch Walther P22 .22 .25 or Umarex BB. My Wife & her Walther P22 vs. beer can, My Wife and her P22. Lois Desmond. 0:17. Walther P22 with replacement slide and YHM wraith 22. RuthieHoff Webcam Мануалы : Provisional operation and servicing manual to the Walther sub-machine gun 9x19 mm with folding stock (PDF) : UPD 21/09/2018 (PDF) The Walther DAO P99 airsoft gun shoots with precision and accuracy. Power : 12g CO2 cartridges Capacity : 15 Safety Type : Manual Ammo Type : .20 6mm Airsoft BB Total Length in Inches : 7.25 Velocity- FPS : 380 FPS Manufacture: Walther / Umarex USA

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CZ P-10 F vs Glock G34 Gen 5 MOS size comparison | HandgunThe B&T USW - Universal Service Weapon and Aimpoint Nano1000+ images about RAE-701 Beretta 92FS on Pinterest

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679.60 €. Die Glock 17 im Kaliber 9 mm ist die weltweit am meisten verwendete Dienstpistole bei Behörden und Militäreinheiten. Dank der unübertroffenen Zuverlässigkeit, der überdurchschnittlich hohen Magazinkapazität von 17 Patronen im Standardmagazin sowie einem sehr geringem.. HIVIZ Walther P22 Frnt Si... has been added to your Cart. I bought this for a Walther P22 but ended up putting it on a PPQ. The package states it will fit the P99 series as well. Mine came with the red fiber installed but in the kit is a selection of colors including yellow, white , and green

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